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        Catch 22  Hypnosis Center

  It's Always Something, Isn't It?

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At Catch 22 Hypnosis, We will take the time needed
to help you create the change you desire.


  Create the Body You Deserve

Getting to Your Ideal Weight is more than
                        "Eat Less and Exercise More"

Although, you will automatically do this as a result of our program. 

5 Sessions over a Several Month Period.  We use the D.E.P.T.H. model of weight mgmt.  This methodology has created success for thousands of people.During our sessions you will build a new relationship with food.  You will come back for additional visits until desired body image is achieved.

Take Home Reinforcement MP3's.  These recordings are provided  for your home use.  By listening to these as you go to bed each night for the next 22 days you will be cementing the new behaivors into your subconscious mind.

Develop Exercise Program That You Can Live With.  Exercise should be fun!!!  What did you do as a kid?  Let's get back to basics and use our body for enjoyment.


      No Thanks, I don't smoke! 

The Plan is simple:  Set your Intention; Pick a Quit Date;  tell your Family and Friends,  Come see me for 2 sessions. 

Saying  "No thanks, I don't smoke!"  is even easier than you think.

Do not let the Media scare you into thinking this is difficult, it is not The Media and Tobacco Companies "Have never Lied To You!!" 

            What will you do with an extra $2000 bucks this year?

Night Time Bedwetting

Enuresis.  If your child has been potty trained and is still wetting the bed at night, it is probably due to an inherited sleep disorder.  If your child wets the bed, so does someone else in your family; you, husband, or someone else in your families.

The problem arises from the fact that the bedwetter does not have a normal cycle of sleep, instead drops into deep delta sleep.  When the bladder signals the brain that it is time to pee, the sleep is so deep that they just can't wake up and invlountary urination occurs.

My program helps to reorganize the deep sleep pattern into a normal 4-stage cycle of sleep that will that will allow the brain and bladder to notice nighttime communication signals.  

there are many other healthful benifits from having a full range of sleep patterns.   

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