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        Catch 22  Hypnosis Center

  It's Always Something, Isn't It?

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Catch 22 Hypnosis offers three of its programs in group settings.

Become a NonSmoker For Life
Achieve the Body you Deserve
Stress Busters

It is easier to achieve a personal change like becoming a nonsmoker
or getting to your perfect weight when you have the support of family and friends.

Get you and 2 or more friends together.
I'll come to your home or office
You get a 40% discount off of my already
Low Low Investment in Living Longer.

Each session will last 90 minutes (longer if you are having a good time.)   
I can hear you ask,  "What will we do for 90 minutes, Carlos?"       
We'll talk about how things work between your mind & body, conscious/subconscious mind, 
and rid your mind of any fears or questions about Hypnosis.

Then comes the fun, I check everybody out, hypnotically speaking, through a series of  "mental exercises" .   
This will lead everybody into trance.  We then add positive suggestions to achieve your goals.   

If your group wants to experience other hypnotic phemonena, we can do that too!    

And even though I offer a tremodous price break for these mini-groups, 
making these changes with friends makes making the changes even more rewarding.                                                  


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