Why    "Catch 22"   Hypnosis?

I loved Joseph Heller's 1961 novel that took place on a little Mediterranean island during WWII.  I first knew the story from the 1970 Mike Nichols/Buck Henry movie starring Alan Arkin. 

A "Catch-22" is a circular argument.  In our case, its running around inside your head.  One that "consciously" you can't win.  
For example:

Go ahead and pick up the spider; it can't hurt you, its all  in your head!

You really want to quit smoking or
weigh like its 1999. 

Or you are just about to fall asleep when
 "IT" pops up in your head 
    and you go around and around.....
        please, just let me fall asleep!

And you do OK for a few weeks or maybe
 a couple of months but ...…  

 It’s always something, isn’t it?

And then you have to
start all over again.

If you are tired of being a yo-yo with your ability to move forward in your life and make the changes you desire become new habits, Hypnosis will help. 
Hypnosis is not magic, but at times it can seem magicial. 
You must want to make the changes 

 Curious about Hypnosis?

             Most people are!   

Does your organization need a speaker for a meeting?  I can provide a little history, a little lecture and a demonstration of the power that you posess between your ears!!  Hypnosis!     And don't worry, No Clucking Like a Chicken Allowed, sorry.

Get your friends together or a group from work and I can provide an informative and fun group session.  This can happen at your place of work or my group meeting location.    This is a free and fun hour learning about Hypnosis. 

Get a group together for one of my Life Improvement Sessions such as  "Become a Non-Smoker For Life!"    and SAVE Money! 

Keith Menchel,  Consulting Hypnotist       
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Hours:  Monday - Saturday
8:00 am - 7:00 pm -
Other hours/days upon request 

 Keith Menchel's
        Catch 22  Hypnosis Center

  It's Always Something, Isn't It?

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Hypnosis, It's your mind, use it for a change..... you can keep!

Quit Smoking, 
Get Slim and in Shape 
Get Rid of Your Stress 
Sleep Through the Night
Stop Bedwetting
Fears and Phobias

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a word used to describe one of the natural abilities endowed into the sub-conscious part of our brain.  We are said to be "In Trance" or "In Hypnosis"  or an "Altered State of Consciousness" when the gateway between our conscious mind and our subconscious mind becomes opened.  It happens to you many times each day.  The Key is that this is a completely Natural State for each and every one of us.  You do this all by yourself all day long without any help what so ever.  The problem is most of the time you don't notice it or don't know how you did it.

You pass through this doorway as you fall asleep and awaken each day.  Or when you are so completely focused on something that the outside world just fades away.

  • Your wife or kids say something to you while reading the morning paper.  Huh? what?, Sorry, I didn't hear you .....Hypnosis! 
  • You are standing in a short line at the grocery store and are in a hurry.  Here, 60 seconds becomes 30 minutes.....Hypnosis! 
 Hypnosis can be "seen" by the use of an electroencephlegraph or EEG.  During normal waking activity the brain produces electrical wave forms in the Beta range.  When we focus or concentrate on one thing our brainwaves alter to a slower Alpha waveform.  When the brain generates brainwaves of a certain frequency range like the Alpha-Theta range, the person can be said to be "in Hypnosis".
The Conscious part of our mind handles everyday tasks like  remembering our appointments, friends' names, and where we put our keys.  It is very logical and analytical and reasons out solutions to problems.  It is rational and assumes we have good reasons for why we do what we do.

The Subconscious Mind is the vast storehouse of our beliefs and behaivoirs.  Everything that you have experienced in your life is stored here.  Once information gets placed in our subconscious mind, it is hard to consciously alter it.
The 'gateway' I mentioned eariler is really like a gatekeeper of the subconscious mind.  This gatekeeper typically rejects changes to the programming stored in the subconscious mind.  You can think of it like a basketball game.  One on one against Michael Jordan.  Michael is the gatekeeper, the ball represents the changes that you want to make and the Hoop is the passageway into the subconscious mind.
As you can see, the only way for you to make a change is to get Jordan out of the way.
It is almost silly to say that we are a very complex and complicated biological system.  Scientists are just begining to understand how everything works together.  Just because you don't understand the details of how your body works doesn't make you question or deny any of your other abilities, does it? 
Language?  You learn to make a series of sounds and other people have learned to make the same series of sounds and somehow we know what they want, what they are saying.  Except if they make the series of sounds in French, then it's like, Huh?
Walking?  If you had know and command each muscle to be able to walk, do you think that you could do it?  I would be funny to see a bunch of adults lying on their backs because they forgot how to turn over!!
What if you had to consciously control your Heart or Liver functions?  How about Breathing or Bladder Control?  You can't remember to take out the trash each week, let alone remember to beat your heart 86,000 times a day.
No, no, the Conscious part of our Brain just isn't build for this kind of control.  But the vastly superior subconscious  mind is built for this task. 
And that is where the power of what we have labeled as Hypnosis lies. 


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